Moving Your Circus More Efficiently

One of the amazing aspects of the circus is how it can pack up, move to a new location and then reset to perform at a new location so quickly and efficiently. Why? Repetition of action is probably the most obvious reason, but a close second is that everything has its place. Each rail car, storage box and canvas bag has designated contents and a designated location.

Why not try that same tactic to improve your efficiency to stop those juggling elephants moments of not being able to find something? Some items and ideas might include:

  • Keys
  • Phone when not in use and charging
  • Chargers for all electronic devices
  • Planner/Tablet
  • Bills/Checkbook
  • Put instructions for devices you don't frequently use as close to the device as possible

Most importantly, if others will be using the item, communicate the "home" location for this item and make it mandatory that the item be returned to this location. If someone doesn't return it to the designated location, take the time to work through the value of having the item in its proper place. And celebrate success when people make the effort to put things back in their place.