The Mental Weight Is What Squashes Us

In a pre-program conference call with a client, we received some initial resistance to our training because they thought we would be telling people you can't get everything done (which, of course you can't). Their concern was that people would adopt that mentality and start "slacking off." We had a good laugh on that one.

The reality is that most of our stress comes from the mentality that we can get it all done. Our minds are constantly racing with all that could be undertaken, thereby reducing our productivity on what COULD be done. We don't plan well because we reason that there will be time to get everything done. We hold on to tasks that should be delegated because we envision unlimited resources of time. And we sacrifice the urgent for the important because we falsely believe that there will be time for the important later.

If you are weighed down by the thoughts of all you have and want to do-you're juggling elephants. Try applying the circus metaphor to your situation. Be the ringmaster of your circus, create the right lineup and work with those performers more effectively. You might even find you are getting more standing ovations from the most important person in your audience-yourself!