The Silence Says It All

I turned on the radio to my favorite news station and the sounds of Lady Gaga came to my ears. I checked the station information and saw that it was correct. I then went to my computer and thought I could listen online. Had to be a glitch-things worked perfectly yesterday.

When I clicked on the site, a letter appeared on my screen which gave the grim news-the station had been discontinued due to lack of advertising sales and a slow economy. Too bad. As I continued to read the letter, however, I got a little steamed. The letter began to tout all the accomplishments of the station over the past several years. As I finished reading I wanted to scream, "But you're now off the air!"

In Juggling Elephants we have a quote that your circus is only as good as your NEXT performance. Reflecting on the past is good as it gives us a sense of accomplishment, but our goal should always be to determine how to best use our time and energy to improve our performance for the future. To figure out how to sustain our success in the areas most important to us. Failure to do so causes the elephants to grow larger and eventually squash us-or in the case of my radio station-go silent.