Do I Procrastinate or Put Things Off?

When you put off doing a task, is it procrastination or just a wise choice of not doing something that is less important than the other items on your list?  That can be a tough question especially when rationalization kicks in.  The Random House definition for procrastination is, "To put off habitually till another day or time." 

One way to evaluate if you are a "habitual procrastinator" is to consider your intent.  What is your intent in putting something off?  Is it because you are feeling lazy and that you just don't want to do the task?  Or, is it because you have a long list of other things that are more important that you should get working on instead?  You know that you can't do it have to pick and choose.

As you determine what you will and what you won't work on, consider your motives and your decision making process.  You might find that you are procrastinating some things that you shouldn't and that there are things that you should put off for another day so that you can work on what you should.  To do, or not to do, that is really the question!