Saying "No" To Fun

A national survey on "fun" was recently conducted by the Trident Fun Index (yes, the same people who make Trident brand gum). Some of their findings include:

  • 19% can not remember the last time they had a good time
  • Less than 18% take the opportunity to do something fun each day
  • 55% strongly agree that their fun is limited by the amount of money they have
  • The top US cities having fun are Atlanta and New York

While Trident hopes to leverage the results to remind consumers that even a stick of gum can offer a moment of fun, the numbers highlight how so many people simply won't take a few moments out of their day for what we call an "intermission." These fun moments need not be costly, but the the cost of not taking them include increased stress and decreased productivity.

What are you doing today to have a little fun?