Being in the Now

Do you ever find yourself thinking too much about the past? Do you think of a better time when you were happier, skinnier, got more sleep or when gas was just 99 cents?

Do you find yourself thinking too much about the future? Some day when you will have more money, when you will have a new job, when the kids are older or you have that new car?

There is nothing wrong about doing a little reminiscing. It is a good thing to learn from the past. And it is also a good thing to have positive dreams and set goals for the future. But be sure that you spend plenty of time, being in the now. The now is when you will get the work done that will pay off for a brighter future. The now is when you can make up for the past or improve on what you have already accomplished. It is important to focus and be in the now, especially in your relationships, your day-to-day work and personal conversations (not to mention when you are driving a car). Otherwise, you will be distracted, the quality of what you do will be poor and you will have more and more occasion to say, "should of, would of, could of."