Six Ways To Recognize You Are Juggling Elephants

Unfortunately, most of us don't say, "Wow, I am juggling elephants" until after we have already made some physical, mental or financial mistake. But what if you recognized the early symptoms of the "juggling elephants routine" before they led you astray? Here are some subtle indicators you might need to take an intermission-or at least be more discerning about the additional elephants you try to juggle:

  • You haven't taken a moment today to reflect on what you HAVE gotten done
  • You hesitate to open emails from certain individuals because you are afraid that a new assignment or task lurks in the words
  • You look ahead 30 days and can not see a time when the intensity of your work ring will diminish
  • Time at home is not enjoyable because you can't stop thinking about work-or something you are neglecting related to your own personal needs
  • You begin reasoning that working hard won't make a difference because you will still have an overwhelming number of tasks awaiting you tomorrow
  • Excuses about not meeting deadlines are becoming more frequent

While this list is general, developing one specific to your situation is critical if you don't want to be squashed by the elephants you ignored a few days, weeks or months ago.