DSPS and Work/Life Balance

Recently there was an article in the Harvard Business Review about DSPS or Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. Simply put, it's a condition where the person doesn't have the same circadian rhythms as the majority of the population. They may find that working from 6 PM to 2 AM is more effective for them than the normal 9 to 5 schedule. The article also looked at the challenges faced by such individuals on their personal commitments.

While these individuals have speical cases, all of us have a certain rhythm to our day-a time it works best for us to be in various "rings" of our circus. Finding that rhythm is important so we can determine how best to create our lineup on a daily basis. If we are most creative in the night hours, we should seek ways to spend more time with our families or in our self ring in the morning hours. If you like to get up early and get things done, reserving time for family and yourself in the early evening hours is most critical.

The key as always, is to be the ringmaster of your circus and take more conscious control of how you use your limited time and energy.