The Elephant of Identify Theft

Identify theft is on the forefront of our concerns about personal security. It's scary to think that someone could assume our legal identify and financial identify and make some really bad decisions that negative impact our future. What if you looked at identity theft in another way... not of someone stealing our credit card numbers and social security numbers but of the loss of our personal goals, dreams, potential and identity.

Sometimes we try to be someone we are not or we forget our potential and settle for mediocrity. I am all for bettering myself but sometimes we should not be afraid to be ourselves and follow our own goals. We need to identify our personal "purpose" and then wrap our daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and lifetime activities around that purpose. We should not be afraid to dream and push ourselves to achieve. We are faced with a lot of negative "self-talk" and it is easy lose that identity that we should have. I encourage each of us to continue to remind ourselves of our potential, standards that we set for ourselves and not be afraid to reach for the stars. After all, we ARE the Ringmaster of OUR circus.


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Jones LoflinComment