Speeding Doesn't Help With The Elephants

I had to laugh. The article got my attention when it said, "Running behind the clock?" The main point in the article was that driving faster to get somewhere quicker was relatively futile. The statistic given by the National Traffic Safety Institute is that if you drive 10 miles at 70 mph versus 55 mph, you only save 55 seconds-less than a minute!

One solution I have found when running late for a meeting is to call the person expecting me for the meeting. When telling my anticipated arrival time (after apologizing for being tardy), I normally add a 10-15 minute cushion. Two benefits are created. One is that if there are any other traffic tie ups or delays, I'll still be on time. The second benefit is that if I don't encounter any more delays, I'll actually arrive "earlier" than anticipated and they will be pleased.


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