Dealing with Stress

Take a glass of water in your hand and extend your arm out to your side. How difficult is it to hold the glass of water? Initially, it isn't difficult at all. But continue to hold the glass out for an extended period of time and the water seems to get heavier and heavier. Eventually, you will be unable to hold the glass up any longer.

It is the same way with dealing with stress. At first, a little stress is uncomfortable but not difficult to handle. In fact, stress can sometimes be helpful in the short term. Consider walking along the street and you come face-to-face with a large dog who begins to bark at you. You feel stressed. Your heart begins to pump, your breathing gets faster and your muscles contract. You are all prepared for fight or flight. But over time if your body is continually in the "stress mode" (heart pumping fast, muscles tense) the effects can be harmful and even life threatening.

Look for ways to remove stress from your life. Exercise regularly. Take the time to rest and meditate. A simple walk around the block or power nap can be effective. Take regular "intermissions" where you can get away from stressful situations, allow your body unwind and recharge your batteries.